Jeffrey Watts has a direct, simple message for your group:

“Quit focusing on “fixing” your problems - Use your talents & strengths to do what you do best. Limit distractions and achieve greatness NOW.”

Jeffrey’s entertaining, high-energy style will make your entire organization shift into high-gear!
As one of America’s Premier Experts® in the field of High Performance, Jeffrey delivers his powerful distinctions and practical tools to companies in Asia, Europe and North America. His real-life experience is as diverse as the industries he has worked in: automotive, beauty & cosmetics, finance, insurance, marketing & media, technology and trading. The companies that Jeffrey works with benefit from his ability to enroll the team in the new possibilities available in today’s global economy.

Jeffrey does not give speeches… his are powerful, clear, insightful trainings that leave your group with skills and a renewed sense of what is possible. Your team will be energized and motivated to take their skills to the next level and achieve exponential results.
You can expect that your team will experience a new level of commitment along with real-life skills such as taking risks, eliminating procrastination, pushing past limiting beliefs, conflict resolution, reducing distractions and putting the system in place to perform at the highest levels of productivity.

2016 EXPY Speakers Award Winner

Jeffrey is recognized by the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers


You can have an EXPY & QUILLY Award winning speaker for your next event...


Let “The Catalyst” Ignite your Results!

Our team will work directly with you to design and deliver the event that meets your company objectives and exceeds the expectations of all attendees. Remember, you can expect a ROI on this training investment, as Jeffrey’s trainings are practical, relevant, powerful and customized to your needs.

The Keynote

From a motivational session over lunch to a half-day of training, you can expect Jeffrey to deliver an energetic, engaging and content-filled presentation to reinforce your event objectives and have your attendees on the edge of their seats. The training is clear and practical, with plenty of examples and stories thrown in.

The Workshop

This extended format is only for organizations that want to not only have new concepts and distinctions introduced, but practiced and embedded so that attendees can go home with new skills they can immediately deploy. Included are group and individual exercises, demonstrations and lecture. This format allows for full customization to address the challenges your company currently faces. Several of these can be booked for monthly or quarterly “power boosting” trainings.

The Mastermind Retreat

Executive teams and Boards of Directors benefit from getting away from the day-to-day, to focus exclusively on taking their leadership to the next level. This “think tank” environment is experiential as well as transformative for organizations at a crossroads or ready to take on the next expansion. The speed of the organization is the speed of the leaders – this is the training they need for the next corporate marathon!


This Section contains the information and documents you need to prepare for the upcoming event or conference.

If you have any questions, or do not see what you need here, please contact our office at 1-844-29WATTS (844.299-2887) or [email protected] We look forward to working closely with you to insure this is the best event in the history of your company!

Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please complete this online form asap, as Jeffrey Watts needs to review this information prior to his one-on-one planning call with you. Jeffrey wants to fully understand your needs and customize his presentation based on what he believes will have the greatest impact on your attendees and the profitability of the company.


Event Requirements & Tips

Your company is investing time and money to impact every attendee. Having the right audio-visual equipment and ambiance in the room has a dramatic effect on each person. Please review these requirements and suggestions for having a great meeting – these tips were gained from hundreds of presentations around the world.


Proper Introduction for Jeffrey

Nothing sets the tone for an event or establishes a speaker’s credibility better than a carefully crafted, energetically delivered introduction. Feel free to add some personalization to the beginning of our pre-written introduction, or use it as-is.


Note Pages for Attendees

Depending on your event, you may wish to produce one or many of these sheets for each attendee to take notes and record their “take-aways” to pursue after the presentation. If you wish to modify this form, please contact our office with your request.


Publicity Photos

Here are a few photos you can use in your event announcements or company newsletters. Simply click on the photo you want to use and it will open in a new tab. Right-click on the image and choose “save target as” to save to your computer.